The General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program (GIMSPP) has provided mentoring experiences since 1992. These preceptorships match a practicing internal medicine physician volunteer to a first- or second-year Texas medical student interested in learning more about the field of internal medicine. Together with physician mentors, students learn to build healthier communities through the practice of internal medicine.

Although the preceptorship program differs for every student, the objectives are designed so that each student will receive a well-rounded experience. The program’s emphasis is to familiarize medical students with the operation of a clinical practice and allow them to experience the full range of activities of a General Internal Medicine Physician. Preceptorship exposes the student to many of your activities as a physician and member of the community. Although the central goal is student participation in the physician's office activities, participation in hospital rounds, meetings, and professional activities is encouraged.

GIMSPP offers what ordinary shadowing experiences cannot – immersion in the day-to-day workings of a physician practicing internal medicine. For medical students, GIMSPP is your opportunity to:

  • Develop new clinical skills.
  • Learn how to interact directly with patients and their families.
  • Establish skills to connect learned illnesses and diseases to actual patients.
  • See first-hand how physicians keep up with the demands of the job and their personal life.
  • Work within a team of allied health professionals.
  • Explore office management procedures.
  • Participate in civic and social activities of community physicians.
  • Discover the rewards and benefits of a medical career.
  • Understand the physician's place in society.
  • Develop medical values and goals.

Interested in applying to precept or participate in GIMSPP? Follow the links below to submit your application/availability form today! In order to access the forms, you must create a login with a password of your choosing. 

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